The ‘Caroline Inspired Studio’ journey!

The ‘Caroline Inspired Studio’ journey!
18th February 2019 Caroline Inspired

So February 2019, a year after starting ‘Caroline Inspired’ – I opened my own little studio.

I thought I’d share the photos of before and after, and the journey of it. So the studio was once upon a time a 3 bedroom flat! The bedrooms were knocked into one space –  which is the studio. The kitchen and bathroom were already there and also a living room. It took just over 1 month to transform the place into the studio. And I’m so happy with it.

So just like yoga is a journey, here is the journey of my studio!





I hope that you find it a beautiful and calm relaxing space for you to feel balanced, chilled and energised, both in mind and body. Mats + props are supplied, but you’re very welcome to bring your own. There is a bathroom with a shower for you to use before or after a class. There is a kitchen with a kettle, toaster, microwave (and blender, for smoothies!) so you can make yourself a snack, breakfast or drink after a class. There is a also a space for you to chill out before or after a class with a cup of tea and a book or a good old fashioned chat with your fellow yogi’s!