Podcasts to Inspire!

Podcasts to Inspire!
4th March 2019 Caroline Inspired


I was quite late to the podcast world but now I’ve found them – I absolutely love them! I listen to them in the car but you can listen to them on your commute, in the home or on a walk.

I’m always very mindful about the people and content I surround myself with. There are lots of influencers and ‘celebrities’ out there that we put up on a pedestal but they can actually make us feel shit rather than inspire us and light us up. Maybe have a little clear out on your instagram/magazine collection etc. and ask yourself honestly, ‘does this person inspire me or bring me down?’

So here are a few of my favourite podcasts that educate and inspire me…


Listening to Venitia (creator of Talking Tastebuds) always leaves me feeling inspired and uplifted. Her podcasts are educational and have some fantastic guests on. Talking Tastebuds talks about taking care of our environment and has inspired me to make some positive changes already.





Who doesn’t love Deliciously Ella? Ella and her husband Matt, are just super sweet – they’ve had some incredible guests on their podcast that cover some really important discussions that we should be having.






This podcast is more for Mummy’s! But I love Madeleine Shaw and although I don’t have children (only my furry son, Bert!) it gives me an insight into motherhood and also what my mummy friends are going through.





I absolutely love Laura Thomas. I discovered her after reading her book ‘Just Eat It’. She covers soooo many incredible topics that NEED to be spoken about. I always feel empowered after listening to her.





If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that I think its so important to listen to advice from qualified specialists! Rhiannon really knows her stuff and shares it with her audience in an understanding way – she’s super sweet too. Another uplifting soul!




A Dr. Yep, a DR. So really listen to what she has to say. Because she has studied a long time – and continues to study – to back up the message she has to share.





Fit + Fearless is run by three empowering and inspiring badass women. They’ve got so many topics covered on their podcast – go give them a listen.




Who doesn’t love Fearne Cotton?! An absolute beautiful soul. She has some very inspiration and moving guests on her podcast and opens up and shares her own journey of struggles with postivity.






The host Adam, is such a genuine and supportive guy – his podcast features some of my favourite inspirational people and he talks bout topics that should be spoken about in the Fitness Industry.





A good tip is to search for your favourite inspiring person and give the podcast that features them a listen. It’s how I discovered some new podcast shows to listen to. I’d love to hear some of your favourites too!