Yoga Fit doesn’t even feel like a fitness class, That’s how I much I enjoy it. Infact, it’s my favourite class. There’s so many variations to each pose, which Caroline always reminds us to listen to our body and do what we can. Each of our body’s are unique and vary each day. The biggest thing I’ve learnt from this class is to tune into my body and let go of my ego by not always going for the hardest variation and not pushing through any pain. This class is all about quality and not quantity. Sometimes I feel like I can’t be bothered to go but i remind myself I’m doing this to take care of my mind, body and soul. I always leave this class feeling amazing and empowered. Caroline is truly amazing with her words throughout every class, so if you’re like me and struggle with self discipline and motivation she’s perfect for guiding you into a healthier you.

For someone who suffers with a mental health condition, yoga has truly had such a positive impact on my symptoms.

The breathing exercises have helped me to take deeper, slower and more mindful breaths, helping me to deal with stressful situations life can throw at me.

It has also helped with my pain relief. Even though I do not suffer with physical pain, I do suffer with emotional pain. Yoga is the perfect balance of relaxation and movement. Relaxation, which helps me to stay in the present and movement, which helps to lower my stress hormones (cortisol) and instead fill my body with powerful endorphins which make me feel good.

Yoga has already had such an impact in my flexibility, this was one of the main reasons I started as I wanted to increase my range of movement and improve my body alinement. Yes when you first start it can be uncomfortable to stretch however I notice a small difference each time I attend a class.

And finally my strength, both mentally and physically I feel so much stronger. Each class allows my mind to just focus onto tuning in with my inner self. Caroline always sets an intention at the start of the class which helps to put your mindset into a positive and safe place, allowing your body to do what it can and rest when it needs too. Physically I can do poses which I never thought my body can do, sometimes Caroline will show a pose and my instant reaction is to just laugh because I think I’ll never be able to do that to which Caroline replies with ‘clear your mind of any negative thoughts and just give it a go, you might surprise yourself’ and sometimes I can and sometimes I can’t but I’m okay with that, I see it as a goal of what I want to be able to work on and eventually achieve. I’m only into my third block of classes and I have already noticed a huge difference in my mindset and my life

I advise anyone who suffers with a mental illness in particular to just try an Caroline Inspired yoga class. It helps you to focus on the present, making you more aware of your mind and body which helps to improve your day to day life by improving concentration, coordination and inner peace. The mediative aspects of yoga which Caroline talks about in her classes help you to reach a deeper and more spiritual place.

I can’t thank Caroline enough for guiding me so greatly through my yoga journey. I would never have thought yoga could have his much of an impact on my mental health. The amount of love and light that I feel after each class is just beautiful. Something I’ve never felt through counselling etc. So thank you.

– Mia Johnson

My core strength is so much better since starting your classes! And I no longer get neck & shoulder pain as I practice strong yoga arms when getting tired!”

– Fiona Roberts

I’ve been attending Caroline’s yoga classes since March. They are the perfect mix of yoga mindfulness and strength. I love attending them and always leave feeling like a stronger person inside and out. The little massages at the end are worth the money themselves. If you’re thinking about starting yoga, a fully fledged yogi or somewhere in between, her classes will suit you.

Three years ago I was in the best physical shape of my life. I was competing in triathlons, training up to a half iron distance. Overtraining and not looking after my body properly led to a two year knee injury followed by a 12 month glute injury and I haven’t competed since. I put on over a stone and generally felt a bit miserable about myself and my prospects of having to give up the sport I love. I tried quick fix after quick fix and nothing got rid of my niggles.

On advice from my physio I knew I wanted to give yoga a go. I saw Caroline’s class advertised on Facebook, decided to give it a try and I’m so glad I have. It’s helped me in more ways than I thought.

I’m feeling a lot stronger, but more importantly, I’m feeling a lot more positive about my body and my ability to start training again. Yes, I’ve got a bit of weight to loose and a long way to go to get back to my previous times and distances but it’s ok, I’ll get there. I am where I am right now and that’s fine. I’m focusing on being a lot more patient with myself, accepting where I am right now and not rushing myself. Difficult when you’re as impatient as I am!

4 months in, I’m back running again and have a green light from my physio to enter a race at the start of next season. I’m niggle free for the most part and most importantly, have a respect for my body that I neglected before. For the first time in three years I’m feeling positive about being able to ‘tri’ again. Happy days.

– Jenni Plant

So my fitness journey has been sporadic to say the least however since I have started training with Caroline at her classes I have developed a new love for fitness!

The fitness class pushes me enough with plenty of variations to ensure I maintain correct form throughout with options to push towards and I can see improvements week on week. In 45 minutes I feel energised, powerful and amazed at how my body is adapting.

Yoga has been the most influential in my life and lots of niggles aches and pains are subsiding and it’s has made me more mindful of my day to day movements. I walk into class often feeling tight, weary and lacking in perspective but getting on my mat takes me to a different place of focus and reflection amazed at the changes in my body and mind.

As a horse rider I am aware of the impact my own mindset and body can have on my horse which is my main motivation for pushing forward to look after myself. My horse riding and horses are improving as a result of the awareness of my body which allows me to adjust accordingly. I have had a  few near misses my stickability is also vastly improved.

For anyone with any doubt the classes are lead by an truly inspirational, beautiful person inside and out and the other wonderful people that go to these classes are full of support whatever level you may be starting from. Give it a go you never know how good you can feel.

– Charlotte Feast

It’s been 8 months to the day that I started Yoga. I remember just before my class saying to my wife WTF am I doing – I can’t even touch my bloody toes. In these 8 months I have done more things with my body that I would never thought possible. More importantly I have found a way to manage my mental health. All my close friends know that I have had a bad couple of years and I honestly don’t know where I would be now without yoga. I would like to thank Caroline for helping me find something that I love. Not forgetting my wife, for pushing me to take some time to love myself.

– Dave Harrington