The Story

Welcome to Caroline Inspired! I’m Caroline – Yoga Teacher and Personal Trainer. ‘Caroline Inspired’ was created from my love of yoga, fitness, wellness, meditation and taking care of myself. I left my job as a Primary School Teacher, followed my heart, and began ‘Caroline Inspired’ in January 2018. ‘Caroline Inspired’ is authentically me and every part of it comes from the heart.

There’s no one size that fits all and everything I do can be adapted to suit you. If you decide to practice or train with me, you are making a conscious decision to begin an incredible journey as we do a full body and mind make over. In this modern day society of chaos, your body needs nourishment and your mind needs calm and peace. Think of me as someone who will listen open heartedly to you whilst having a proactive approach so we can achieve those health and fitness goals, making lifestyle changes that are truly achievable and unique to you.

In my ‘Caroline Inspired Yoga’ sessions I teach modern based alignment yoga and focus on healing and connecting with your body, mind and spirit as one. Yoga allows us to infuse more self-love into our souls. As a result you destress, become more open and flexible as you begin to witness the incredible benefits throughout all aspects of your body and life.

Am I flexible enough to do yoga? Of course you are! It’s not about how flexible you are, the beauty of yoga is that the aim is not to meet an end-goal, but to set the intention to simply show up, get on your mat, and be there — aware, awake and present.

My ‘Caroline Inspired Fitness’ sessions incorporate my experience as a fully qualified personal trainer and yoga teacher into workouts that are healthy, holistic and most of all fun, to create the healthiest and happiest you.

In February 2019, I opened the ‘Caroline Inspired Studio’ – a welcoming space for you to nourish your beautiful body and mind.

I hope you join me in the wonders of self-acceptance, self-love, health and wellness.

Love + light,


What’s the story about the pineapple?

In 2015, I began my yoga journey by practising at home using YouTube videos and ebooks. I didn’t fall in love with it straight away, but I’d heard all these wonderful things about yoga so was keen to persevere with it. After a few weeks, not only did I begin to notice the physical changes in my body, but the mental changes were what kept drawing me back to my mat. After a stressful day at work, with a busy mind, busy thoughts; I began turning to my mat. I’d leave my mat after my practice with a completely different headspace, feeling nourished in both body and mind. My mat was a space where I could be me, with no judgement from the world.

My love for yoga blossomed when my husband and I went on a trip to the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii. Every morning, I practiced by the beach, with beautiful souls, and this is where I really fell in love with yoga.

Now this is where the pineapple comes into it….there are pineapples literally every where in Hawaii! So, I fell in love with the idea of using a pineapple as my brand – something that symbolises a special and inspirational time in my life.

After making the decision to finish my job as a a Primary School Teacher, a job that didn’t light me up or make me happy anymore, I made the decision to follow my heart and become a Yoga Teacher & Personal Trainer.

The name ‘Caroline Inspired’ came about after my friends and I were sitting around a pool in Portugal – trying to think of a name, they helped me come up with ‘Caroline Inspired’. ‘Caroline Inspired’ has grown from the support of my beautiful friends, talking about the idea in the beautiful sunshine, to becoming what it is today. A brand that I’m at the very heart of and is authentically me.

Whilst completing my Yoga Teacher Training in beautiful Lombok, with the incredible Stefan Camilieri, I was talking to one of my fellow trainee yogi’s about how my brand would look when I began my classes, and there on the table there was a pineapple (another sign?!)! I explained the story behind the pineapple and she reassured me that although the pineapple has nothing physically to do with yoga, it’s what it symbolised to me and if it makes me happy then I should go with that! 

So there’s the pineapple story and why I chose a pineapple for Caroline Inspired.