Chocolate Orange + Coconut Energy Balls

Chocolate Orange + Coconut Energy Balls
3rd December 2018 Caroline Inspired

These energy balls are quick to make and are a perfect snack (or pudding!) for when you need something sweet. This recipe makes 12 balls – depending on how big you roll them!



300g dates (preferably medjool dates or any dates that are sweet + jammy!)

200g nuts of you choice

1 tablespoon chia seeds

1 cup of oats

1 tablespoon cacao powder

2 oranges

1 tablespoon maple syrup

1 tablespoon coconut oil

1 cup of coconut flakes



Put the nuts into a food processor (it’s worth investing in a good food processor – I’ve wasted money on cheap ones! Luckily, my Grandma gave me her Magimix from the 70’s – works a dream!). When the nuts are crushed up, add the rest of the ingredients except for the coconut flakes. When the ingredients are bound together, add the coconut flakes and mix by hand. Roll into balls and add to greaseproof paper (on a plate or tray) Add to the freezer for half an hour – eat or store in the fridge!