• Sep032018

    So, Why Yoga?

    So why Yoga? What’s all the hype about? In this blog I talk about the benefits of the beautiful practice…

    Caroline Inspired
  • Aug292018

    Yoga, yoga and more yoga!

      Maybe you’re a yogi virgin or a yogi who wants to know more about the different styles of Yoga.…

    Caroline Inspired
  • Aug242018

    The ‘Caroline Inspired’ Book Collection

    Lots of you have asked what books I read that inspire me – so here we go! The ‘Caroline Inspired’…

    Caroline Inspired
  • Aug092018

    Caroline Inspired YouTube Channel

    Lots of lovely Yogi’s who attend my classes are really getting into their practice of Yoga and want to do…

    Caroline Inspired
  • Aug022018

    Moon Cycle & Morning Routine

    Lots of us set intentions/goals/new years resolutions at the beginning of the calendar year. But let’s be honest – how…

    Caroline Inspired