• Jan072019

    Beginners Guide to Yoga

    I think it’s fantastic that lots of you are starting your Yoga journey as we come into this new year.…

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  • Oct022018


    So what actually is pranayama? Part of it is something you do all the time without thinking about it –…

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  • Sep182018


    Meditation is any technique that calms the mind and allow for relaxation in the body. Meditation is ‘medicating’ the mind…

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  • Sep172018

    Personal Training – ‘Caroline Inspired’ style…

    So I’m a fully qualified Personal Trainer – but I wouldn’t say I’m your typical Personal Trainer and I actually…

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  • Sep102018

    Self love always

    The theme for this weeks Yoga classes is around the Yama (Yoga Philosophy) ‘Ahimsa’. Ahimsa is the Yama that has…

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