• Nov062019

    Creating a Positive Relationship with Exercise

      Exercise. I’ll be talking all about what it is, why we should do it + how to have a…

    Caroline Inspired
  • Jul012019

    Feeling All The Feels

      I’m writing this after I’ve posted the below caption on instagram….. ” | KEEPING IT REAL | I recently…

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  • Apr302019

    Developing your own self practice

    So you want to develop a self-practice but don’t know where to start? It can be quite overwhelming – all…

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  • Apr112019

    Sweaty Betty – Enhancing our Wellbeing

    I had the honour of speaking at Sweaty Betty’s Wellness Wednesday event, speaking about how movement + mindfulness can enhance…

    Caroline Inspired
  • Mar042019

    Podcasts to Inspire!

      I was quite late to the podcast world but now I’ve found them – I absolutely love them! I…

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  • Feb182019

    The ‘Caroline Inspired Studio’ journey!

    So February 2019, a year after starting ‘Caroline Inspired’ – I opened my own little studio. I thought I’d share…

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  • Jan072019

    Beginners Guide to Yoga

    I think it’s fantastic that lots of you are starting your Yoga journey as we come into this new year.…

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  • Oct022018


    So what actually is pranayama? Part of it is something you do all the time without thinking about it –…

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  • Sep182018


    Meditation is any technique that calms the mind and allow for relaxation in the body. Meditation is ‘medicating’ the mind…

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  • Sep172018

    Personal Training – ‘Caroline Inspired’ style…

    So I’m a fully qualified Personal Trainer – but I wouldn’t say I’m your typical Personal Trainer and I actually…

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  • Sep102018

    Love + Acceptance

    The theme for this weeks Yoga classes is around the Yama (Yoga Philosophy) ‘Ahimsa’. Ahimsa is the Yama that has…

    Caroline Inspired
  • Sep032018

    So, Why Yoga?

    So why Yoga? What’s all the hype about? In this blog I talk about the benefits of the beautiful practice…

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  • Aug292018

    Yoga, yoga and more yoga!

      Maybe you’re a yogi virgin or a yogi who wants to know more about the different styles of Yoga.…

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  • Aug242018

    The ‘Caroline Inspired’ Book Collection

    Lots of you have asked what books I read that inspire me – so here we go! The ‘Caroline Inspired’…

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  • Aug092018

    Caroline Inspired YouTube Channel

    Lots of lovely Yogi’s who attend my classes are really getting into their practice of Yoga and want to do…

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  • Aug022018

    Moon Cycle & Morning Routine

    Lots of us set intentions/goals/new years resolutions at the beginning of the calendar year. But let’s be honest – how…

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  • Jul232018

    Yamas + Niyamas

    In my previous blog about Yoga Philosophy, I spoke about the 8 limbs of yoga. I’ll be writing about the…

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  • Jul142018

    Me, my Mental Health & Yoga

    This blog post is inspired by beautiful yogi, Mia – and how Yoga has helped her on her own journey.…

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  • Jul072018

    Polly & Me Mat Review

    Can we just firstly begin to appreciate the beauty of this mat? I’m absolutely in love with the Polly &…

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  • Jul032018

    Yoga Philosophy

    So what actually is Yoga? We often think of it in the physical sense – the asanas (yoga poses) but…

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